How much does a Wick building cost?

Wick Buildings provides custom, high-quality pole barns and other wood-framed buildings that can be outfitted in steel and other materials to withstand the harshest weather and last decades to come. Wick customers desire the aesthetic appeal of a pole barn or wood structure, but need the durability of a steel building. This may be why Wick Buildings is a household name in the agricultural sector. Wick structures are often used as dairy buildings, hay storage barns, horse and livestock housing, and heavy machinery storage.

Wick also designs custom, attractive retail and commercial buildings that function as upscale retail shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, and more. The building company provides a wide range of vibrant siding colors and also offers stone and brick materials for the structure’s exterior.

Real prices people paid for Wick buildings

A 30×45 Wick building used as a workshop was purchased for $24,000, including a loft, and interior finishing. With a 6″ concrete slab, the cost was $32,000. The building included Gambrel roofing, and was a steel pole building. The buyer was pleased with this building, saying that it was the 17th barn Wick has built for his family.

In a discussion, one person mentioned that a “plain” 40×60 Wick building without concrete flooring cost his neighbor $18,000. The building is used as a horse arena and barn.

Company reputation and reviews

One buyer on a Garage Journal forum said that he looked at 5 different building suppliers and chose Wick because “the salesman was the easiest to work with.” In terms of price, his 40×72 Wick building cost about the same as the buildings.

In another forum, a buyer said that he thinks “you pay for the name with a Morton or Wick building.”

While Wick offers many of the same types of buildings that its competitors offer, they do things a bit differently. Wick has partnerships with local, independent builders that provide construction services and customer service to you, wherever you might live.

Wick Buildings: Common Uses

The exteriors of Wick buildings are G-90 galvanized, which means 50% more corrosion protection than G-60 steel. The paint Wick uses is guaranteed to not corrode, chip, crack, or fade for 40 years. You can see more of the ways this company is different by heading to Common uses for Wick buildings are below.

  • Farm buildings
  • Riding arenas
  • Dairy barns
  • Hay storage
  • Animal barns
  • Horse stables
  • Auto dealerships
  • Hardware stores
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Fire stations
  • Lumber storage
  • Home additions

What others are looking for

Not sure exactly of our needs, we have property that we intend to build a home on. We wanted to add an accessory building (workshop) that we may start a home business out of. We are looking around and inquiring about different buildings from suppliers including Morton, Wick, Cleary. There is just so much out there, and of course everyone is saying theirs is the best. We are not sure what these should cost but are just comparing around for the best deals and quality.
-Scales Mound, IL