Sample US Buildings prices others paid

What they were looking for: “Work shop, garage to work on one car and horse tack area.”
Price paid: “16 x 24 x 9 for $7,500.00, from US Buildings. I also had 3” insulation, 10′ Door and one window. My neighbor has one just like it that weathered Hurricane Katrina without any problems. “

-Buyer from Folsom, LA

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What they were looking for: “This will be used to house our show cattle. We need stalls and a tack room.”
Price paid: “I was given $17,500 for US buildings prices – I chose that building.”

-Buyer from Axtell, NE

What they were looking for: “Carport frame, no walls on roof, free standing, open on all sides.”
Price paid: “Over $60,000 on my garage, worked with US Buildings.”

-Buyer from Magnolia, TX

What they were looking for: “I am unsure of the sizes. I would like it to be tall enough to store a motorhome and wide enough to fit a 2 car garage door in addition to the RV garage door. We would love to have optional exterior features if possible, depending on cost “
Price paid: “Under $30,000 for complete installation of a 1581 sq. ft. garage, 2 of these had quotes for the building in the 20,000’s and this did not include any installation. US Buildings was the builder.”

-Buyer from Oak Hills, CA

What they were looking for: “Work shop storage of riding lawn mower and lawn equipment storage of misc items cluttering up my garage so my wife can put her car back in garage.”
Price paid: “16 X 24 steel building cost $5400+, free storage for a year and various options to pay for building. US Buildings will cut my garage doors just before shipment. US buildings prices were comparable to the other suppliers’ prices, but I liked the dealer.”

-Buyer from Jacksonville, FL

What they were looking for: “Need a storage space and workshop building of 30×50 dimensions.”
Price paid: “It is an A frame hanger style 25X50 Galvalume, it came with all hardware and bracing. US Buildings’ prices included delivery so I chose them – it was $10,540.”

-Buyer from Athens, Alabama