Real Mueller metal buildings prices

What they were looking for: “I’m interested in finding out the price of steel building to be used as a detached garage in rear of property.”
Price paid: “Mueller steel building just under $8k with walk door, no insulation no overhead door 24 x 30 10’high. Slab of course extra. I’ve decided against Steel Master due to the shape of their buildings. Sales rep was very informative and helpful but didn’t like that design. Plus, the Mueller metal buildings prices were better than the prices that Steel Master gave me.”

-Buyer from Amarillo, TX


What they were looking for: “Horse stalls with small living quarter.”
Price paid: “I purchased a Mueller 40x60x15 for $9,995; and only $125 delivery fee. The snow load was only 10 but I am adding additional supports down the center as this is only a horse barn. I had trouble getting most sales people to realize I had this option to center support as most wanted to sell heavier snow load rated buildings at higher prices ($5,000 or more). Mueller worked with me to obtain the best value for the money.”

-Buyer from Flagstaff, AZ

What they were looking for: “Just a work shop/man cave and toy/equipment storage. I am thinking of an oversize slab and roof for awning/car port.”
Price paid: “Mueller 30×50 12×10 insulated bay door, two 4×7 walk in doors, four polyethylene skylights, labor and slab, $20,800. I found that Mueller metal buildings’ prices were much better compared to the two other companies I talked to.”

-Buyer from Poughkeepsie, NY

Company reputation and reviews

Mueller Building’s customer service was praised on a Tractor By Net forum involving several Texas residents. One man recounted having to return a roll-up door that he ordered. Mueller swapped the colors without charging him any re-stocking fees, and the company also refunded him $200 because the door was marked down from when he first purchased it. He described himself as “a customer for life” because of these experiences.

In the same forum, the overall sentiment toward Mueller was positive; one person said that Mueller gave him “good value and service,” and another person said that even with another building supplier located less than 10 miles away, he “would rather deal with Mueller at 90 miles away.”

In a discussion forum on Garage Journal, someone asked for a recommendation of a company who makes a “nice, heavy gauge garage/workshop metal building at a fair price.” Three people recommended Mueller Buildings. One person said that Mueller offers “affordable…high quality” products, another person said they had “nothing but good things” to say about their 24×24 building, and a third person said their 50×75 garage was “top notch.” A comment about Mueller engineering on another Garage Journal forum was that it was “fantastic. It went together so easy. No problems at all.”

One person remarked that Mueller metal buildings prices can be inconsistent. A buyer remarked that he and his contractor received two different quotes for the same building, about $3,000 in difference.

What others are looking for in a Mueller building system

I am thinking (2)14X14 roll up doors on each end with one walk door. 26 gauge sheet metal on walls and roof. Tan in color. I want gutter prices to make up my mind. I want 2100 PSI concrete with rebar, not fiberglass in the concrete. I have a price from Mueller Metal Buildings now and I’m very interested in their products.
-McAlester, OK