Mueller Stands Tall Amidst Steel Builders

Metal building with porchAre you looking for a great steel building contractor, or trying to find out more about the steel building process and the different options available? Mueller Inc., a metal building specialist with a variety of helpful features and a history of great service, is well worth your time. While many steel builders offer to give you a quote and showcase their available models, Mueller is notable for taking the time to develop a full list of helpful guides on picking, customizing, and installing a variety of steel structures, and has the experience to back it up.

A History of Commitment

Mueller is far from an upstart metal structure company trying to take advantage of the growing trend. On the contrary, the company has been operating in the Texas area for more than 80 years, beginning when Walter Muller opened the Mueller Sheet Metal Company to sell water cisterns. Today’s business has grown by leaps and bounds from those old cisterns, and today Mueller helps farms, businesses, and organizations of all kinds meet their storage needs.

The company was bought in 1984 by the Burly Corporation, which gave it enough capital to begin expanding across the United States and adopt the latest manufacturing techniques for its metal products. Today, if you live anywhere in the central or southwestern United States, look up Mueller prices before making a buying decision.

Extra Services

Mueller offers a number of strong extra services that many providers do not, such as the ability to select the color of your building. Make sure you look over Mueller’s color selection options, available through a palette of colors you can view online. A few clicks, and you can choose between a number of different colors for walls, rooftops, trim, and doors. The selector is interactive, so whenever you choose a color, you see it live on a digital model of the steel building or roof of your choice.

Mueller also offers other extra services, most notably a strong return and storage policy that many companies do not include. Mueller additionally includes a professional guarantee for your shopping and delivery experience, so you can count on service.

DIY Advantages

If you like tackling projects yourself, inspect the available do-it-yourself greenhouse options Mueller offers. The company also has plenty of downloadable online manuals that teach you how to set up greenhouses and sheds, plus some videos that give you visual illustrations to back up the kit instructions. Few steel builders provide such a complete source of DIY materials.

Take a look at the Mueller website and see what other options this Texas-based steel company has available. If you are local, you may also want to get involved in some of the Helping Hand Mueller nonprofit projects, or spend some time in the photo gallery looking at the past work that Mueller has done on a variety of buildings.