How much do MBMI buildings cost?

MBMI Buildings is a company that prides itself on a team of top engineers that make it easy for any customer to assemble and erect high-quality, long-lasting pre-engineered metal buildings. The company consolidates the entire metal building manufacturing process by designing, engineering, detailing, marketing, and selling their metal buildings. MBMI manufactures pre-engineered metal buildings and accessories for customers that range from small independent farmers to large corporations.

All MBMI buildings come with a 40 year warranty on all 17 shades of colored panels. Many are Energy Star Approved, which can save money on energy costs. MBMI Buildings also designs and sells LEED certified green buildings, other sustainable building options offered are recycled material construction and Energy Star Approved coated metal roofs which can save you up to 40% in energy costs.

Prices others paid for MBMI buildings

A buyer in Keystone Heights, Florida was quoted about $15,000 on a 36x60x14 MBMI building, with 3 12×12 framed openings. The cost was either lower or equal to the quotes he received for pole buildings.

MBMI offers special promotions on basic types of buildings. One buyer said that a 50x100x16 clear span steel building cost about $32,000.

A buyer in Landers, California paid $50,000 for a 40×60 MBMI building. The price didn’t include electrical wiring or a concrete slab.

How does MBMI stack up when compared to other suppliers?

MBMI offers a guaranteed 30 day delivery for its steel buildings. There are five MBMI manufacturing plants in the United States.

Every MBMI building comes standard with: rust-free fasteners with lifetime warranties, painted panels with a 40 year warranty, standard trims, cable bracing, purlin strapping, insulated entry doors, and Galvalume Plus roof panels that have a 25 year warranty.

In addition to the standard types of metal buildings, MBMI also offers “green” building options. – some of them even at no cost. “Green” options include: solar energy systems, recycled building materials, rainwater collection, and more. It should be noted that all MBMI building materials contain up to 60% recycled content, and 100% of all MBMI materials can be recycled. The following are common types of MBMI steel buildings that people look for.

Popular types of MBMI building systems

Some common uses for MBMI pre-engineered buildings include metal barns, metal garages for cars and boats, RV storage ports, riding arenas, churches, commercial office buildings, strip malls, aircraft hangars, and industrial buildings.