Reviews of Butler Buildings and Buying Tips

Butler Buildings is a national company that manufactures and sells prefabricated steel building systems to large commercial and municipal accounts. The company consolidates the entire metal building process by designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, and constructing metal and steel buildings for its customers. A few notable Butler Building customers include PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, General Motors, DuPont, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic.

Butler buildings include structural systems, roof systems, and wall systems. The company specializes in large structures, its recent projects including factories, schools, shopping centers, large agricultural buildings, and gymnasiums, though the company also offers some prefabricated small metal storage structures and other small metal buildings. Butler has a partnership with BlueScope Construction (BSC), which is a licensed general contractor in all 50 states. There are more than 1,400 Butler Builders worldwide – “part of the largest network of construction professionals in the world.”

Company reputation and reviews

In a Practical Machinist forum, Butler Buildings was a brand recommended to a first-time building buyer in Upstate New York. Butler was recommended by a man from Oregon who purchased a 60×100 workshop building 15 years ago. The man was happy that over 15 years it has withstood 90 MPH winds and several pounds of snow weight.

Tips from people that bought Butler products

Though some people on the web describe Butler Buildings as the “industry standard,” take into account that there are many, many different steel building manufacturers. Although company reputation should be a big deciding factor, also take your location into account, as some buildings are “cheaper in some regions than others.”

What others are looking for

I want information on the feasibility of dismantling an existing Butler Steel building and reconstructing it as a farm shop. The building has panels with a raised rib approximately 6″wide x 1″ high and a 6″ flat surface. The panels appear to hook on to a lip of the adjacent panel. There are no visible fasteners, which apparently are on the lip that the panel hooks into. I don’t have information as to the age of the building.
-Owatonna, MN

This building will be used for storage. I have an existing Butler building that was set up to add onto (like a right and left half) the I-beams are all in-place. The addition wouldn’t require plumbing.
-Battle Creek, MI

This building will tie into an existing Butler building.
-Farmington, CT

I’d like a 3 sided storage building (Butler Type).
-Aiken, SC

I have built butler buildings in the past. Can it be assembled with a boomed forklift?
-Seal Beach, CA