Armstrong Steel Leverages Technology to Expand Service

Founded in 2006, Armstrong Steel building systems have burgeoned into an $8 million business annually in less than a decade. With just over 50 employees, a 3-year growth rate of more than 1,400%, and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, they’ve established themselves as experts on the technical aspects of pre-engineered steel building systems. At the same time, staff members are committed to critical customer care issues that include purchase insight through specialized knowledge and post-sale problem solving and support.

Some of their most popular steel structures include:

TypeWidthsHeightsRoof SlopeIntended Use
Clear Span, Straight Column Steel Building Frame 16' - 150' (and up) 8' - 60' (and up) 1/2:12 - 1:12 Offices, Free-standing Retail, Commercial
Multiple Span, Straight Column Steel Building Frame 10' - 600' (and up) 20' - 60' (and up) 1/2:12 Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
Multiple Span, Single Slope Steel Building Frame 10' - 600' (and up) 20' - 60' (and up) 1/2:12 Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities
Clear Span, Straight Single Slope Steel Building Frame 15' - 120' (and up) 8' - 60' (and up) 1/2:12 Shopping Centers, Convenience Stores, Free-standing Retail Units, Fire Stations

Geared toward technology

Armstrong Steel is unique for their incorporation of the latest technology. In an effort to further broaden their customer service initiative, they recently became one of the more forward-reaching companies to accept cryptocurrencies for payment. By allowing customers to make large purchases with minimal transaction costs (in comparison to credit card transactions), they save customers on the total cost of a project while remaining highly competitive in terms of the ever-expanding landscape of online business.

Armstrong Steel currently accepts Bitcoin and Dogecoin and plans to add additional cryptocurrenies once they increase in popularity within the marketplace.

Driven toward quality and cost-savings

Multidimensional product offerings are the stated approach at Armstrong Steel. Value driven, they aim to provide the highest quality steel buildings, backed by reliable customer service, while saving their customers money in the process. And it’s a commitment that extends beyond the initial cost of the building itself.

Armstrong Steel invests time and money in the development of innovations that lead to energy efficiencies. They strive to reduce the long-term cost of their products through enhancements that conserve energy spent while reducing the amount of energy required. In doing so, they hope to cultivate a loyal customer base that returns time and again based on the strength and reliability of their products’ past performance.

Engineered stronger

The American Institute of Steel Construction designates specific max loads. But it’s the responsibility of the sealing professional engineer within each company to determine the percentage of the max load assigned to the building system.

Armstrong Steel loads up to 80% of design maximum, according to information available through their website, building in additional structural assurances for general use as well as extreme weather that often includes snow and wind. This practice results in a “stronger, heavier building that is more capable of surviving extreme weather events.”

They also detail all of their buildings in-house. The process of detailing is a quality control initiative that encompasses the design of all structural components. It ensures purlin and girt clips line up with corresponding punch patterns within the secondary structurals. Armstrong Steel’s detailers benefit from working together as a team, all within the same physical space, as it provides an intimate knowledge of the project as a whole and results in a higher quality result.

Design and installation

All-in-one is the goal at Armstrong Steel. They create a package that includes both engineering and custom design and then refer the project to a professional contractor within their national network of individuals who specialize in pre-engineered steel building construction. Plus, by using a contractor within their network, Armstrong reportedly offers up to $5,000 in rebates on the cost of the steel building for qualifying projects.

Their structures are available through three different channels:

  1. Authorized builder network – This is one of the easiest ways to purchase, especially on larger projects, as the authorized builder will meet face to face and visit your physical location to determine the best structural type and components.
  2. Direct buy – If you have construction knowledge and experience, you may qualify to purchase directly from Armstrong (and at a significant discount). If you can manage certain aspects of the project, you can receive access to Armstrong’s direct pricing catalog and discounted rates on components that include paneling, screws, doors, windows, and insulation. Contact a customer service representative to see if you qualify.
  3. Retail – Great for the do-it-yourselfer, retail purchases enable you to discuss your exact needs with an Armstrong rep. After that, they select your door and window models for you. All you have to do is settle on the budget and arrange for delivery.

Estimated Costs

Costs vary widely depending on your geographic location, size, and components. In general, you can expect to pay $7 to $10 per square foot for the building itself (adding 20% for any accessories), $4 to $8 per square foot for a foundation, and $3 to $10 per square foot for construction.

With these guidelines in mind, the cost for an Armstrong Steel building system may fall within the following ranges:

30' x 40' $156,000 $276,000
30' x 50' $195,000 $345,000
50' x 40' $260,000 $460,000
50' x 60' $390,000 $690,000
20' x 100' $260,000 $460,000
50' x 100' $650,000 $1.15M