How much do American Steel Span buildings cost?

American Steel Span is one of the world’s leading pre-engineered steel arch building manufacturers.metal dairy barnThere are four different types of arch steel frames to choose from and a wide range of sizes. Steel Span buildings are made from Galvalume steel, the heaviest-gauge commercial US steel available in the world, and one of the most durable. Some of the most popular uses for American Steel Span buildings are metal garage kits (1 or 2 car garages), workshops, agricultural buildings, dairy barns, storage sheds, recreational buildings, and steel homes. Assembling an American Steel arch building is a simple task – requiring only four steps.

Prices paid for Steel Span buildings

What they were looking for: “Need a metal building to store my vehicle. Dimensions should be 18×21, no need for insulation, and 1 door.”
Price paid: “$2,900 for same building 18x21x7 from American Steel Span Buildings. The quote was $1,200 dollars cheaper than SteelMaster.”

-Buyer from Muncie, IN

How does American Steel Span compare to other suppliers?

In the metal building industry, what sets you apart from the competition can be the very reason you’re still in business. American Steel Span positions itself as a company that provides higher-quality materials than its competitors.

The company offers panels that fit snugly together, with no caulking required for waterproofing – while most suppliers’ panels do require caulking and are difficult to assemble. American Steel Span also claims to have stronger panels that have a 25% increase in strength over panels offered by competitors.

They use AZ55 Galvalume rather than the industry standard of AZ50.

The American Steel Span warranties are also much longer than those of the competition. The company provides a 35 year rust-through limited warranty on its arches, compared to the standard 20 year warranty. There is a 35 year warranty on Galvalume materials. They also provide the industry standard of 40 years warranty on paint.

Available types of buildings

  • Commercial buildings
  • Garage kits, workshops and garage buildings
  • Storage sheds, buildings
  • Homes
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Quonset huts