How much does a metal building kit cost?

If you’re hoping to cut costs when constructing an office, garage, agricultural storage facility, or even a church, metal buildings are the way to go. This is precisely the reason that steel buildings are increasing in popularity; they are significantly more cost-effective to build compared to conventional construction projects.

On top of that, steel buildings have come a long way. What was once a glaring metal structure has now been transformed into an impressive, long-lasting building with design enhancements available in stone, brick, stucco, and glass. Depending upon the customizations made, a passerby may not be able to tell the difference between a steel building and a traditional wood structure.

How to Cut Costs on Metal Building Construction


While metal buildings in themselves are cost-effective and efficient, you can save even more money by bypassing the middleman and erecting your own structure with a metal building kit.

Ideal for the DIY handyman, a metal building kit will provide all of the materials and accessories needed for a steel structure, including sheet-metal, purlins, girts, self-drilling screws, and a step-by-step construction manual. A complete metal building kit can be used by a local contractor or a property owner to quickly and safely build a long-lasting steel structure at a fraction of the cost.

While a metal building kit can be used for DIY construction, it doesn’t cut corners on overall craftsmanship. A number of manufacturers provide metal building kits for carports, buildings, garages, and barns. Within each category, several styles are available to choose from with customizations in gables, garage doors, pedestrian doors, and more.

Average Metal Building Kit Prices

Most manufacturers that sell metal buildings offer a formal quote through an online request or direct call to provide a price estimate.

Depending upon the size and detail of a project, prices can range greatly by thousands of dollars; pricing may start as low as $595 for a basic carport kit with free installation and delivery included. Larger pre-engineered building kits can cost up to $9400 for a 24 x 30 x 12 metal building. Extra additions may apply, like upgrades for insulated windows at $99 each.

Savvy shoppers can save money by requesting price quotes from multiple manufacturers before making a final purchase. Believe it or not, special discounts and clearance sales do apply to metal building kits, providing DIY builders with the opportunity to cut costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars with a limited time offer.