Metal building accessories improve looks and add functionality

Today, a metal building is so much more than a four-walled steel structure. Seemingly limitless options in metal building accessories are now available, allowing business owners to fully customize a steel building of any size.
At face value, metal building accessories can be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a structure. They can also serve as add-ons to enhance functionality to get the most out of a storage building, manufacturing plant, church, barn, or office facility.

Popular steel building accessories to revamp your structure

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your metal building or are planning to customize new steel construction, consider these top accessories as a starting point:

  • Sky lights – Metal building sky lights are available in a number of options; they can serve as a low-cost, energy-efficient lighting alternative and can also improve the appearance of a metal retail or office building.
  • Insulation – Vendors recommend metal building insulation for any type of structure, whether it houses staff members or inventory; insulation will regulate outside temperatures to prevent inventory and equipment damage caused by heat or moisture.
  • Vents – Metal building louver and ridge vents can improve air flow to cut down on operational heating and cooling costs; vents are designed to promote longevity in both commercial and agricultural steel structures.
  • Cupolas – Cupolas are popular roof add-ons available with louvers or windows and in octagonal designs; weathervanes can be mounted atop cupolas on barns, sheds, and garage rooftops.
  • Overhead doors/windows – Commercial and agricultural building customizations include insulated windows, overhead doors (ideal for auto repair shops), sliding doors, and walk doors.
  • Storefront doors – Specialty storefront doors are the ideal accessory for a retail metal building to create a professional first impression; an attractive storefront door system may arrive preassembled to cut down on installation costs.


Metal building accessory buying tips

While selections are vast, steel building accessories don’t give you the opportunity to try before you buy. That’s why it’s critical to do your homework and determine exactly what accessories and features you are looking for far before you begin price shopping by manufacturer.

To maximize your investment in a steel structure, seek out a dealer that offers a wide selection of customizable accessories in their steel building models. A steel building with custom-designed features will likely be available through an individualized price quote.

Some manufacturers offer online customization tools to provide a fine-tuned price quote based on accessory specifications, like window and door locations, roof upgrades and slopes, venting, and specialty requests.