How do you find metal buildings for sale?

Metal buildings, otherwise known as pre-engineered or pre-fabricated steel buildings, are favored because of their versatility and durability thanks to the use of steel as a resilient building material.

Steel Buildings May Be Commonly Used For:

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  • Outdoor sheds
  • Agricultural storage
  • Garages
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Community centers
  • Arenas
  • Churches
  • Homes
  • Commercial structures

Unfortunately, many people today have preconceived notions about the look and feel of a metal building. Yet steel structures have come a long way. Depending upon design and customization, the exterior of a metal building can look similar to any wooden structure – with the added bonus of improved resistance to the outdoor elements.

Buying a Metal Building: Start With an Estimate

If you’re on the lookout for metal buildings for sale for any of the purposes listed above, bear in mind that most manufacturers prefer to provide a customized estimate instead of a bottom-line price. The main reason is because a set price is hard to determine without a customer consultation to account for materials used, aesthetic upgrades, and overall design.

In Order To Provide a Better Estimate, a Manufacturer Or Builder May Ask You The Following Questions Regarding a Metal Structure:

  • What is the desired width of the building?
  • What is the desired length of the building?
  • Do you want to add to the building length in the future?
  • What size and number of overhead doors, walk doors, and windows are desired?
  • Where would you like doors and windows positioned?
  • Will the building be insulated?
  • Will the building be heated?

Based on the questions listed above, you can contact a number of manufacturers and builders to find competitive market prices for the steel structure of your choice. As an important note, it’s recommended to work directly with a manufacturer as opposed to a broker. In many cases, a broker will sell metal buildings through sales agents that focus heavily on commission instead of a customer’s budget.

Purchasing a Metal Building: Final Considerations

To protect your investment in a steel structure, it’s essential to determine in advance exactly what will be included in the final price you pay for the building. A complete package should consist of sheet-metal, framing, closures, trim, framed opening materials, and all fasteners needed.

After an order has been placed, a manufacturer will be able to provide you with an estimated delivery date. In most cases, fabricating and delivering a metal building could take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. For this reason, a metal building should be ordered roughly 3 to 4 months before it is needed.

Keep in mind that metal pricing can fluctuate. Take the time to get a minimum of three quotes from competitive manufacturers to select an affordable package that includes both a structural and sheet-metal warranty.