How much do utility storage buildings cost?

To homeowners, a “utility building” or utility room is used as storage space for lawnmowers and other landscaping machinery, rakes, shovels, and seasonal toys for the pool or the snow. To others, a utility building has an entirely different function. Businesses and public departments often require a metal utility building to house a mechanical room for electrical or electronic equipment, air handlers, boilers, water heaters and tanks, back-up generators, or HVAC equipment. Metal utility buildings or buildings with a utility room are a common request from many different kinds of businesses, and a utility room is an often necessary part in the construction of a warehouse, storage buildings, office or community building.

The utility storage buildings that others are asking for

utility shed

Utility storage buildings to house fire wood, steam boiler with wood chip fuel storage, and double semi-truck delivery bays. We need an estimate for building shell only. Include plenty of side wall lights for natural lighting.
-Sanford, NC

We need utility storage buildings for our church. We’ll need access to power outlets.
-Fort Worth, TX

This building would store several emergency response vehicle, trailers, and storage areas. Also, an office 12’x12′; restroom; utility room, and an internal secured storage are 12’x30′.
-Nazareth, PA

Need a quote on a modular complex to office 15-20 people. We will need communication services, utility hookup, restroom, 120v electrical outlets.
-Houston, TX

We are an electric utility company and need garage space for bucket trucks and diggers. The quote needs to include a concrete floor, finished inside walls 8′ up. We’ll be storing 6 to 10 electric heaters.
-Weston, WV

We need a storage building to store tractors, utility vehicles, maintenance equipment and supplies for a baseball/football field complex.
-Cincinnati, OH

This building will be used for a fire station with offices, training/ meeting room, bathrooms and utility/mechanical room.
-Jonesport, ME