The Straight Wall Gable Building Type and its Key Advantages

straight wall gableThe straight wall style gable building is a form of steel building offered for a variety of structures, from warehouses and storage rooms to sunrooms and bunk huts. This particular steel building style actually combines two different forms: the straight wall and the gable roof. The straight wall is exactly what it sounds like, with straight steel beams and steel panels instead of curved walls that meet at the top. The “gable” refers to a unique, curved rooftop that is placed on these straight walls. Instead of coming to a point, this rooftop creates a gentle, almost half-circle curve. This is sometimes referred to as a Quonset hut.

Both these functions have particular advantages when setting up steel buildings. To make the benefits clear, it is best to separate the architectural elements and examine them separately.

Straight Walls

Easy Set-Up. Straight walls are simply beams and metal panels, materials that are readily available and very easy to install with the help of levels and bolts. This quick set-up timeframe can save you money and help complete the steel-building project as soon as possible. As an added bonus, those straight walls can also be easy to dismantle if you want to move the building.

Windows and Vents. If the walls of your steel building are curved, you must use customized vents and windows if you want light or air circulation inside the building. For straight walls, your window and vent options are much more varied and easy to locate on the market.

Innate Strength. Straight walls joined by the circling “Q-model” option have innate strength and support, allowing the building to be built with few supports, but with enough durability to handle the pressure of grain and other materials.

Gable Roofing

Quick Installation. The half-circle swoop of gable rooftops makes them very simple to install. Typically, they are simply lowered onto the straight walls and attached in sections. This saves you money, time, and future problems with roof leaks or warped metal. However, the benefits decrease as the width of the building increases, so it is

Aesthetics. The gable roofing option, with its smooth lines and curves, it often a better aesthetic option than other roofing choices. The gable fits into natural landscapes more readily and keeps a low profile. However, you should note that the internal sides of the build will be lower than the middle of the room, where the gable reaches its height. This could make it difficult to store extra-high items.

Easy Expansion. If you want to expand the length of a straight wall style gable building, the process is quick and affordable. Contractors can simply take off one wall and extend the current walls and roofing with minimal fuss. The result is a storage building that can be extended in length almost indefinitely if necessary.