How much do steel warehouses cost?

interior metal warehouseA steel warehouse has become the standard building for commercial storage needs, due to less construction time, cost, and less risk of fire damage than a wood, brick, or block warehouse building. Steel warehouses can be purchase pre-engineered, and some steel building companies can supply contractors or can schedule nearby contractors to erect the building. Most major building companies have factories located in several regions of the United States, so delivery cost between companies can be comparable. A few metal building companies that offer steel warehouses are Olympia Buildings, SteelMaster, Standard Steel, and US Metal Buildings.

The steel warehouses that others are looking for

1/3 office space, 1/3 shop/production and 1/3 warehouse. Office space and production to be 2 story.
-Stratford, CT

Land is in Maricopa county not in Scottsdale city limits. Zoned R-43 it will require a basic permit for a steel residential storage building. It will be used as a home office/warehouse facility and will require AC/Heat, Plumbing for bathroom, toilet/sink only. Multiple electrical outlets for computer system and equipment.
-Scottsdale, AZ

This building will be used for truck maintenance, and storage of equipment. Will need to add electrical, swamp coolers, and lighting. The building does not need to be fancy in any way, just a basic warehouse with a concrete floor.
-Phoenix, AZ

Warehouse + office for insulation and renovation contractor.
-Cherry Creek, NY

Part of the building will be used for warehouse, and the other will be just service shop space.
-Pampa, TX

50% office / 50% warehouse 7 individual offices, break room, conference room, small reception, two restrooms in office area, Balance warehouse with 2 overhead doors for vehicle storage, etc.
-Colorado Springs, CO

This building is going to be used as a warehouse. It will be attached to an existing building (on the 50′ end wall) there needs to be 3 dock doors for trailers to back up to one drive in door and 1 walk in door.
-Marietta, GA

I will build out about 5000 sq.ft. of office space and the rest will be warehouse/storage for my restoration business. Looking for standard sizes on building bays and doors/windows. I would prefer to build it myself but am open to pricing including installation.
-Calhoun, GA

5,000 sq foot of retail & office space, 5,000 sq foot of warehouse.
-Bristol, TN

Warehouse / light MFG / Machine shop used as a commercial building, but located on residential land with use permit.
-Vallejo, CA