How much do steel building frames cost?

What they were looking for: “Quonset hut, 20×30 please.”
Price paid: “$17,400 for a 90 foot Quonset building with steel ends, door frames, and R19 insulation.”

-Buyer from Calhan, Colorado

Quonset style garage

What they were looking for: “I am interested in P style arch or pole barn. Must accommodate a 14 feet tall by 14 feet wide overhead door. I have one boat 30 feet long and 14 feet tall, one boat 20 feet long and 11 feet tall, a camper, 4 wheelers to get out of the weather and want room for a shop area.”
Price paid: “32×50 steel building with end walls, framed openings, $14,000 delivered.”

-Buyer from Fort Bridger, WY

What they were looking for: “This steel building is to store a tractor and other lawn and garden equipment. There will need to be some ventilation.”
Price paid: “20X20x11 26ga steel A-frame building with 10×10 overhead door and entry door, choice of colors, delivered and built on dirt foundation for $5,100. The company I bought from gave me several prices up front based on differing options so that I could compare what I wanted and make an informed decision. No promise of deposit was required in order to get a price.”

-Buyer from Milford, PA

What they were looking for: “24×30 steel building frames for storage, possibly a workshop space.”
Price paid: “$5,200 for 26x27x8 steel roof, 1 foot overhang, full ridge vent, 1 steel entry door, 16×7 overhead door, building in the post frame design.”

-Buyer from Yachats, OR

What they were looking for: “Need some options for steel building frames, I’d like to store tractor, tools, etc. Want no doors, or two doors that close. One opening of about 14′ either sliding or hinged barn type doors that open from middle or close to middle.”
Price paid: “56 x 36 building with 12′ framed opening for door. 3 windows 26ga. Galvalume deluxe trim pkg. 14′ front 11′ rear $16,123.10 total including tax, handling, freight & holding till later ship date. 25% down payment balance due when delivered. Choice of colors to be made later at my request.”

-Buyer from Waitsburg, WA

What they were looking for: “Require steel building, 40×40, for airplane storage and equipment storage.”
Price paid: “40 by 40 square frame steel building. Free span. 12 ft. high and open on one end. Bought from local building contractor with product on hand. Original customer backed out of product. No delivery charge across town to my site. $12,000 on the ground.”

-Buyer from Casper, WY

What they were looking for: “It will be used as a tractor shed/shop and I would prefer it to have a hay barn look.”
Price paid: “$10,000. Complete building, installed, one walk door, cased in double drive door. Insulated roof and walls. Steel pipe frame and trusses. Slab extra.”

-Buyer from Chapel Hill, NC

What they were looking for: “Will be used on a ranch as a work and storage area for farm equipment.”
Price paid: “A frame 33′ wide and 66′ long. Two 12″ arch vent kit. Channel arch connect. Channel end wall connect. Price $16,975.”

-Buyer from Carbon, TX

What they were looking for: “Building needs to be climate controlled, 20×40 workshop with insulation. Open to arch style steel building frames.”
Price paid: “$21,000 for 64ft x 30ft concrete floor with 40ft x 30ftwood frame insulated metal building. 24ft x 30ft covered open area. Included were three 36 inch doors and two 10ft by 8ft garage doors.”

-Buyer from Baton Rouge, LA

What they were looking for: “20×30 mechanic shop and auto storage.”
Price paid: “$6,150 for 16Wx11Hx28L barn style metal building, open ended with 2-8×8 frames in kits for rollup doors, bucket of bolts, pre slab prints/building blue prints.”

-Buyer from Concord, NH

What they were looking for: “We would like to get a quote for a steel building to be used as a workshop. Your standard options would be considered. Would like the end wall to be steel or metal, instead of wood. Assuming we’d have to get info and prices on slab to put steel building on. Any advice in this area would also be appreciated.”
Price paid: “$6,900 for a 25×28 Steel Master building. This includes 56 arch linear feet and 42 end wall linear feet of industrial base connectors, and 2 end wall louver vents. It is the A Style building with one 8×10 framed opening.”

-Buyer from Sherman, TX

What they were looking for: “30×50 storage space and workshop. Hope to erect in 1-3 months.”
Price paid: “Bought an A frame hanger style 25X50 building with Galvalume metal, it came with all hardware and bracing. Basic, no accessories. $10,540.”

-Buyer from Bedias, TX