How much does a steel beam building cost?

What they were looking for: “25x30x12 garage/workshop with a loft.”
Price paid: “24’X30’X10′ with a 4/12 pitch roof steel and iron pier and beam construction on a 5″ slab reinforced floor with a 36″ walkout door and a 8/18 overhead garage door completely installed, turnkey. 5 year workmanship, 30 year paint color, lifetime leak-proof warranty. All handled by and backed by one individual and I didn’t have to hunt around for friends, family and subcontractors to complete the job to save maybe a couple hundred bucks and take on huge amounts of migraines.”

-Buyer from Guthrie, OK

metal pole barn

What they were looking for: “I restore cars. Would like prices on a steel beam building. I will also need electrical and plumbing.”
Price paid: “30 x 40 shop with two garage doors (12 ft). Insulated roof and sides. One entry door, red I-beam steel, installed for about $12,000.”

-Buyer from Houston, TX

What they were looking for: “Hobby shop. No plumbing needed.”
Price paid: “30×40, 10 foot eave. 8×8 rollup door. 1 walk through door. 26 gauge. I-Beam. Total price $9,000.”

-Buyer from Eustis, FL

What they were looking for: “I need a 30×30 steel beam building for equipment storage.”
Price paid: “10X10X12 I-beam building with 24 gauge roof and walls and 3 inches of insulation in the roof. It has a 10X10 steel roll-up door and one 38 inch entry door. It does not have any windows. It was sold for less than $8,000.”

-Buyer from Ducktown, TN

What they were looking for: “Storage for RV and pickup truck. Need cement pad.”
Price paid: “$17 per sq ft. Steel building with I-Beam and C channel construction for a 24×40′ garage. Includes concrete slab and all labor and materials.”

-Buyer from Edmond, OK

What they were looking for: “30×60 classic car storage with height for lift.”
Price paid: “$14 sq ft complete – survey, permits, concrete slab, piers, footings, steel beams wrapped in metal, 14′ side walls, insulation, labor and materials.”

-Buyer from Poughkeepsie, NY

What other people want in a steel beam building

I am appraising a property that has a steel beam construction equipment shelter with a dirt floor open on the sides with steel beam trusses and a metal roof. I would like an estimate of cost for construction, new.
-Springville, CA

We are looking to build a restaurant that is elevated 11 feet off the ground. It will be 50′ wide by 90′ deep. It will be a bit over 2 stories high with vaulted ceilings a 1,000 sq.ft loft with outside balcony. An 800 sq.ft side deck with sliding glass walls. Looking for I beam construction.
-Bangor, PA

It will be used as a hay storage shed that is attached to our already existing production building. I would like for this building to have 15′ bays, as we must make it fit around already existing concrete that has an entrance ramp and the vertical beams must be 15′ apart to allow for this entrance ramp.
-Murdock, NE

Post and beam construction, slope roof from front to back (43′) to dump water on rear of property with scuppers. Overhead doors on North and East walls on right side of each. North side roof to be about 5′ higher in front sloping down to rear of building with a slope of 1- 1.5/12 pitch approx.
-Columbia Station, OH

Insulated underground storm shelter to sit on concrete pad with steel-reinforced concrete poured 6″ out from walls and 4″ on arched roof. Need vent holes for generator exhaust and ventilation system. May need 2-3 steel I-beams from floor to ceiling.
-Centerville, TN

I want an I-beam that runs the full length of the building. I want it at the center of the roof ridge line. I need it for an I-beam trolley. I will install a 1,500lbs chain hoist.
-Lodi, OH

There needs to be a beam running left to right 2/3 of the way in, strong enough to hold a car engine and the drive thru doors need 1 in front and 1 in back to access back yard. The walk through needs to be to the right of the front drive through door.
-Gulfport, MS

Housing – 3 bed, 3 bathroom, full basement, 35′ steel floor joists, 16″ center, 45′ cross support I-beam 10ea. 15′ vertical support I-beam.
-Anchorage, AK

I have purchased half of a used steel building. The building was 60’x200’x26’high. I am having the “H” beam posts cut down 8′. Right now I need specs on the piers to set the posts on. I will be looking for help with erection as I have no experience with steel construction.
-Bowling Green, KY

Want a combination living quarters and storage area. Would prefer to have a lofted area in part of building. Part-time home. Currently live in Centralia, MO but own land in Lewis County. Want to do something agricultural with land so need to be close until up and going. Originally wanted a log cabin, then a post and beam barn. Don’t want something that looks like a shed — a little classier.
-Centralia, MO