What are some actual Quonset hut prices?

What they were looking for: “The Quonset hut will be used for machinery storage.”
Price paid: “45×90 Quonset for $16,000 including delivery.”

-Buyer from Crookston, NE

What they were looking for: “I need Quonset hut prices on a simple, arched, open ended animal shelter.”
Price paid: “$3,962 for two 12’x24’x11′ open ended Quonset style shelters.”

-Buyer from Albany, IL

quonset style garage

What they were looking for: “Workshop and storage – currently pricing different Quonset huts.”
Price paid: “$2,860. 10×30 Quonset hut with one in wall. It was the best deal of all the Quonset hut prices I received from the suppliers.”

-Buyer from Killeen, TX

What they were looking for: “Need a 30x50x12 Quonset hut with 3 inch insulation.”
Price paid: “$7,000 for an A-model corrugated arch building / Quonset hut, 30×44 feet.”

-Buyer from Gloucester, VA

What they were looking for: “The building will be used for storage and living in. I want at least 3 different Quonset hut prices to compare.”
Price paid: “$11,840.00 – Arches, curved front and rear angle, nut and bolts. Construction manual, 3 sets of blue prints, plus holding for 6 months and shipping.”

-Buyer from Careywood, ID

The Quonset huts that others are looking for

I would like several quotes on open side, farm storage, straight walled Quonset type buildings 20x60x12, 30x40X16, 30x40x18.
-Miami, FL

We currently have existing Quonset huts that are over 60 years old and we are thinking about replacing them with new ones.
-Daytona Beach, FL

We are looking to purchase a Quonset hut as a long term multipurpose building for the community of Truoin Haiti and as an immediate emergence shelter during the hurricane season. This building is to be purchased by a not-for-profit organization.
-Canton, GA

We are looking for one, maybe two Quonset style buildings of this size. We wish to use tarp coverings instead of steel coverings.
-Aberdeen, MD

Sculpture studio/ warehouse-type storage. Would consider a Quonset type. Any building must meet FL hurricane wind codes. Would probably want side and roof panels heavier gauge than usual due to hurricane susceptibility.
-Pensacola, FL

The building is going to serve as a show barn for students to keep their animals. I would also like pricing for same size building in Quonset style.
-Crossett, AR

This Quonset will be placed on existing 6 foot walls, which is why we are specifying 1 foot side walls.
-Arroyo Seco, NM

Just a 40×60 Quonset garage with a 12×14 O.H. door on each gable and 1 man door.
-East Brookfield, MA

We are looking for a quote on a Quonset Hut, with 2 roll up doors and 2 personnel doors. We are bidding to the US Army.
-Aberdeen, MD