How much does a steel storage shed cost?

The major plus in buying a steel storage shed is that it is generally the least expensive shed available on the market, yet the longest-lasting. While wooden sheds can rot and require regular coats of paint and other maintenance, a steel shed requires no maintenance and can withstand the harshest wind and snowfall. If you’re concerned about the appearance of a metal shed upsetting your backyard, know that metal sheds can be coated in colored enamel or vinyl, and there is usually a wide range of colors to choose from. The best, longest-lasting kind of metal shed is made of steel, but an aluminum shed is also an option (aluminum sheds are less durable but generally cost less). Also note that storage sheds are also referred to as “utility sheds” by some people, and you can check out past utility shed prices that others paid.

Prices others paid for a steel storage shed

What they were looking for: “Need 20x20x15 Quonset hut for coffee product storage – airtight to keep rodents and forest critters out.”
Price paid: “With taxes, a little over $700. I didn’t realize the shed didn’t come with a floor. It’s only 10′ x 8′. This shed will be used to store sealed coffee product. Pantry moths can bore through the bags, and so it must be sealed along the seams.”

-Buyer from Holbrook, MA

What they were looking for: “I need a steel storage shed and I need it within the next 6 months.”
Price paid: “I received a 12×16 shed with a barn type roof, completely shingled. A loft was included on one side of the building. I paid $2,640 for my shed and it was from a local builder who I have found to be very reliable.”

-Buyer from Los Lunas, NM

What they were looking for: “Need 20x45x10 steel storage shed. I require 6 total windows (3’x4’w) three windows on each side.”
Price paid: “Roughly $8,300 for two sheds, shipping and blueprints. No windows doors or other accessories included.”

-Buyer from Brandon, FL

What they were looking for: “Use as a home, possible front porch cover and separate car port cover.”
Price paid: “I purchased a 40x60x14 metal building for $9,483.00 with 2 doors and 12 ft. front porch cover which made the length 72 ft. in length. The porch also wraps around both side 12 ft. which make part of the width 52 ft. width.”

-Buyer from Itasca, TX

What they were looking for: “8x12x14 storage warehouse type metal building. No insulation and no financing.”
Price paid: “$2,025 for an 8×12 metal storage shed.”

-Buyer from Truth or Consequences, NM

What others are looking for

Metal shed for tractor and farm equipment & supplies.
-Nacogdoches, TX

I would like to have power, I’m going to use it for storage and a work shed to build wood products. I’m also going to add a Franklin stove to burn unused wood pieces to stay warm.
-Lawrenceville, GA

Will be using the building as a workshop/tool shed.
-Metairie, LA

The building we are looking for is bus-sized steel storage shed. It will need to be such it will with stand our snow loads we get in this part of the country. Also it needs to meet all city and state requirements and codes.
-Libby, MT

Would like center of bldg. to be 40×60 with gable peek at 22-24′ with two sheds coming off each side at 20×60 with one side roof extending an additional 6′.’
-Gurley, AL

This is an 18 x 48 loafing shed. Stalls will be separated from a six foot maintenance walkway. Man doors at both ends of the shed. I would like a 6 foot overhang on the long side so that I end up with four, 12 x 12 stalls and a six foot shade overhang for each stall.
-Fort Collins, CO

Enclosed loafing shed for sheep. We would like a cement footing/wall either 3′ or 4′ up. We want to be able to construct the building ourselves to keep expenses low.
-Cottage Grove, MN

We need a shed open at both ends and the sides will remain open up about 10 feet. Tanker truck loading and unloading.
-Longview, TX

Big shed to hold tools and equipment for our church. There are two smaller snowplows and in winter we may store bags of ice melt. Shed should be very secure.
-Brooklyn, NY

It will be used as a hay storage shed that is attached to our already existing production building. I would like for this building to have 15′ bays, as we must make it fit “around” already existing concrete that has an entrance ramp and the vertical beams must be 15′ apart to allow for this entrance ramp.
-Murdock, NE