How much does a metal garage cost?

What they were looking for: “It’s for a popup camper, ATV and boat storage, also shop for repairing vehicles. Need to have electric and lights and at least one power outlet for a popup camper to plug in, and a gravel or rock drive way.”
Price paid: “It cost me $7,600 for the 4 inch slab with a 24 by 30 building installed and another $450 for shell rock for the pad and the price included the steel garage door and walk-in door.”

-Buyer from Pryor, OK

What they were looking for: “Fine furniture storage. Maybe climate control.”
Price paid: “$3,776 for a 22×16 single steel garage and shop delivered.”

-Buyer from Miami, FL

What they were looking for: “Steel garage building and work shop. Would need cement slab with rebar & footings.”
Price paid: “$17,500 included cement slab, insulation, assembly, two 10×10 garage doors, two walk-in doors.”

-Buyer from Borger, TX


What they were looking for: “Two car garage, laundry in workshop.”
Price paid: “30 x 50 metal building with insulation package, 2-8′ roll up garage doors and 2 man doors $15,000.”

-Buyer from St Johns, AZ

What they were looking for: “I restore cars and will need a garage to work in. Will also need electrical and plumbing.”
Price paid: “30×40 shop, two garage doors, insulated roof and sides. One entry door, red I-beam steel building, installed for about $12,000.”

-Buyer from Holbrook, MA

What they were looking for: “Straight wall style workshop and steel garage building.”
Price paid: “$9,300 with two 10 foot garage doors.”

-Buyer from Muscotah, KS

What they were looking for: “I would like something to store lawn mowers in. Something large enough to work on a vehicle and have some leftover space.”
Price paid: “I got a 2 car garage for $3,500. Later added the things to make it take less concrete for an additional $400.”

-Buyer from Copperas Cove, TX

What they were looking for: “Storage, workshop, garage – possible skylights too.”
Price paid: “$17,180 included shipping, walk in door, overhead garage door, 2 skylights, and 40x40x18′ garage building.”

-Buyer from New Port Richey, FL

What they were looking for: “Workshop, budget between $10k and $19k, no insulation.”
Price paid: “30×40 metal garage building with two 10×10 garage doors, one side entrance door, insulated ceiling and installed for less than $10,500.”

-Buyer from Norton, OH

What they were looking for: “Straight wall metal garage, 28x40x10, roll up door sizes 1-9’Hx16’W, 1-9’Hx9’W.”
Price paid: “28’x40′ steel pole building 16’x8′ garage door and 36″ walk-in door, with concrete floor. $15,000.”

-Buyer from Monmouth, IL

What they were looking for:“Indoor training, clinics, and trials for herding mainly in inclement weather. Also storage of hay and housing sheep.”
Price paid: “$28,500. Clear span 40×60 foot building with 8ft side walls, 3/12 rafters, 14ft at peak, 2 overhead garage doors 8×10 ft, a man door, 4 27×36 in. windows, bubble insulation on walls and ceiling, steel covering over insulation.”

-Buyer from Edinboro, PA

What they were looking for: “I want a metal garage building for storage but need 16ft ceilings.”
Price paid: “I ordered a 2 by 48 steel building with two 12 by 10 garage doors and the cost was around $15,000.”

-Buyer from Eliot, ME