Metal building carports and RV storage: How to find the right storage option for you

used as barns, airport hangars, and office facilities for years, innovations in metal building carports and RV storage shelters are improving by leaps and bounds. Steel buildings are ideal for both carport and RV storage use because of their high overhead span that can accommodate large campers and trucks.

Metal building RV storage and carport solutions

The primary purpose of a metal building carport or RV storage shelter is to protect large vehicles and RVs from inclement weather conditions. Instead of leaving an expensive RV parked in a driveway, susceptible to debris and hail damage, an affordable metal shelter can be used to protect your investment.

Other benefits of metal carports include:

  • DIY construction options
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast construction time
  • Durability in all seasons
  • Ideal for a wide range of climates
  • Attractive home/farm upgrade

Depending on the manufacturer, a steel carport may be constructed based on individual specifications. Most dealers advertise both standard and custom sizes available in traditional and prefabricated steel carports and carport kits. For do-it-yourselfers that want to cut down on the cost of construction even further, a metal carport kit can be used to keep building costs to a minimum.

Steel carport and RV storage building features and upgrades

Whether you’re constructing a steel carport yourself or are hiring a contractor to do the job, a number of upgrades are available to enhance basic design. Upgrades may be chosen for aesthetic appeal, including windows and overhead doors, or to improve carport functionality with vents and insulation.

As a starting point, a stripped-down metal RV shelter may be available without any bells and whistles, constructed from 14 gauge galvanized steel. A shelter of this kind is designed to withstand high winds at up to 120 mph; a basic carport package may start as low as $595 with a standard roof.

From there, a number of upgrades are available to improve upon a rudimentary carport design. A standard shingle roof shelter can be expanded into a double carport; square footage, leg height, and garage door sizes are fully customizable. Extra features and accessories may include window additions, corner braces, roof braces, walk-in doors, side garage doors, connected units, Dutch openings, and mobile home anchors.

When pricing a carport or RV shelter, keep in mind that all desired upgrades will increase the average structure price considerably. Window additions may start at $100 each; walk-in doors may be priced at $200 each; a manufacturer may charge $100 or more to connect steel carports end-to-end.