Mechanic shops find a perfect fit with steel building construction

Auto mechanic shops continue to pop up on street corners in every major city as the cost of entry into the industry has lowered over the years. On top of that, many auto mechanics have found the auto repair business model to stand the test of time, even in a struggling economy. Auto repair currently represents an$80 billion industry.

Their recipe for success? A mechanic shop can thrive and beat out the competition, even as a new business, by doing whatever it takes to keep overhead costs low. This will directly contribute to profit and can serve to boost sales quarter after quarter.

One of the smartest ways to keep startup costs to a minimum is in a repair shop’s choice in construction. More and more mechanics are turning to affordable, durable, and fully customizable metal buildings to get the job done, without breaking the bank on building costs.

Metal building advantages in the auto repair industry

Price is certainly a factor when it comes to deciding between steel versus traditional construction for an auto repair shop. While price will vary considerably based on size, features, and time specifications, pre-engineered metal buildings are the least expensive choice by far. A metal building that is prefabricated in a factory can also cut down on construction labor and time since the majority of manufacturing is completed beforehand.

Beyond affordability, there are a number of other benefits that a steel building can provide when used as an auto repair shop:
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  • Durability – In metal building construction, materials are used efficiently with the support of computer analysis and design. A metal structure is built to stand the test of time with a higher strength-to-weight ratio, coupled with lower raw material costs.
  • Simple construction – Across-the-board, it takes far less time to erect a metal building compared to a traditionally constructed auto repair shop. As mentioned above, most construction work will be completed in-factory to reduce the potential for rain delays.
  • Easily expandable – Steel repair shops are easy and economical to modify as an auto repair business expands. Extension can be achieved by removing side or end walls, adding new framework, and erecting complementary roof and wall panels.
  • Fully customizable – Even the smallest auto shop can benefit from a customizable metal building with upgrades available in doors, windows, and insulation; more advanced customizations include sky lights, custom garage doors, and high overhead spans to accommodate lifted vehicles.

Steel auto repair shops: What to know before you buy

Though you may be sold on the advantages of a metal auto repair shop, not just any steel structure will do. It helps to take your time and compare at least three quotes from different manufacturers to secure the most competitive price and quality building materials.

The Metal Building Network recommends checking local building codes before making a final buy. It’s also important to request quotes after gathering basic building dimension information, including desired door, window, and roof upgrades, to receive an accurate price estimate.

Last but not least, consider working with a vendor that fully understands your needs in the automotive industry. Although a manufacturer may advertise a one-size-fits-all building solution, you’ll appreciate a dealer that understands the intricacies of auto repair shop construction and can price accordingly.