What are some average arena construction costs?

Whether you’re hoping to build a riding arena for horses or a sports arena, it’s usually good to get an expert opinion before you begin. Researching arena construction costs are also a great way to get an idea of the investment you’ll be making – and whether or not the building company is charging you too much. There are many building companies that havearena experience in building arenas and can offer customized arena construction or metal building kits. For horse riding, you can choose from a basic covered outdoor riding arena with no walls, to an entirely indoor riding arena that includes horse stables, space for bleachers, round pens, and more. Two well-known companies that offer metal horse riding arenas are Olympia and Morton Buildings. Or if you’re looking for a sports arena or gym building, most major steel building companies have experience in this area.

The arenas that others are looking for

We have an outdoor riding arena for our non-profit. We lose money every winter due to boarders leaving to go to other barns that have covered arenas. We need our arena covered so students and borders can ride in any weather. We don’t need or want walls, just a cover.
-Philadelphia, PA

Need to get arena construction costs for a building with living quarters and team penning.
-Benton, KY

A sports arena for indoor football, baseball workouts, soccer and lacrosse. This is a great sports area, but somewhat economically depressed with very good potential.
-Akron, OH

Outdoor arena and event center for Luna Community College in Las Vegas NM.
-Las Vegas, NM

70 x 140 horse riding arena with a 15 x 140 viewing area attached.
-South Dennis, MA

We have a ranch in northeastern Nevada and we need to put up an indoor arena to train horses and to hold horse clinics.
-Wells, NV

I am looking for a large indoor horse arena with 5 stalls with outside stall doors on 2 sides, rollup doors on other ends with 1 walkout door.
-Toddville, IA

I would like 2 arena construction costs. One is for barn 1,473′ with the arena. The other is just the arena without the barn and apartment; 80×180.
-Redondo Beach, CA

We want this building for a cover to our horse arena. The arena is 80′ by 160′. We do not want any walls or doors, etc.
-Dunnellon, FL

We own a 5 acre parcel of property and have just gotten town approval to build a 2,4000 sq. foot indoor sports arena.
-Oakdale, CT

Riding arena, stall barn, apartment, storage, 2 wash stalls, viewing room, 4 cross ties, 3 tack rooms, and feed room. Would like a 300×150 ring with 40 14×14 stalls.
-Bucyrus, KS

I intend to build an indoor arena for equestrian minded events. In the process of building this facility I would like to make it as sustainable as possible. Including solar thermal and water catchment systems I can see this being a feasible project.
-Flagstaff, AZ

I’m looking for a big open arena to use for horse riding ring. Need head space for jumping (15 ft minimum)no insulation needed, just the actual frame and siding for the lowest price possible.
-Harwinton, CT

I plan on building it at a 90 degree angle attached to an existing steel building as a riding arena. Approximately 30′ will be used as an expansion to the arena, the remaining portion, the insulated section, would be used for stabling horses.
-Paw Paw, IL

I really am only in need of a covered arena for my horseback riding activities. A construct with one wall or two or three is fine. I will need to eventually be able to install lighting. I do not need chutes. Basically I need a large covered rectangle.
-Lexington, TX