Metal building use increases in the agricultural industry

If you’ve taken a drive outside of city limits recently, you’ve probably seen metal farm buildings popping up as far as the eye can see. Steel structures are becoming popular construction options in a variety of trades, including retail, manufacturing, and even commercial office space. In the agricultural industry, steel farm buildings have continued to rise in demand primarily because of their durability, affordability, and low environmental footprint.

How are metal buildings used in agriculture and farming?

One of the most common uses by far for a steel building in agriculture and farming is as a metal barn or metal farm building. Yes, barns and farming go hand-in-hand. A metal barn can range in size from a small storage shed up to a multi-thousand square foot structure that houses livestock, forklifts, feed, and other agricultural equipment.

green house
A metal barn may be available customized or in a prefabricated design, used for the purpose of:

  • Horse barn
  • Agricultural storage
  • Ministorage
  • Workshop/garage
  • Boat/RV/camper storage

Other uses for steel structures in an agricultural setting extend far beyond standard metal farm buildings to include:

  • Equestrian stables
  • Dairy facility
  • Livestock facility
  • Veterinary clinic/kennel
  • Riding arena
  • Manufacturing plant

Depending on the agricultural industry, some farms have gone so far as to use a metal barn in winery, brewery, and distillery production. A steel barn designed for this purpose may be manufactured with post-frame construction to create high, open ceilings with clear floor plans.

The benefits of metal barns in the agricultural industry

As touched upon above, most farmers are drawn to the use of metal barns for a wide variety of purposes because of their attractively affordable price tag. Compared to conventional construction, a steel building is priced much more economically, based on both labor and materials.

Advantages of steel barns for farming and agriculture include:

  • Improved durability and strength compared to a wood barn.
  • Fireproof protection for horses, feed, equipment, and inventory.
  • Inexpensive construction cost, especially when purchased prefabricated.
  • Environmentally friendly construction option that preserves natural resources.
  • Speedy construction using lightweight steel versus cumbersome wood or concrete.
  • Energy-saving window and door upgrades available, as well as solar powered units.
  • Highly durable construction with fewer maintenance and repair needs.

When shopping for the right metal building for your farm, don’t let a rock-bottom price hook you. While price is a major concern when it comes to construction, you can protect your investment in a metal barn by shopping for features included in a package: a 50 year structural warranty, engineer certified blueprints, and solid construction evidenced by industry standard structural bolts, high PSI strength plates, and pre-punched components.