How much do used steel buildings cost?

It’s possible to buy a used building from a steel building company, though many people aren’t aware of this. A used metal building can become available due to cancelled customer orders, companies that go out of business or relocated, or residents who move or decide to replace or remove a building from their property.

Prices others paid for used steel buildings

a used steel building

What they were looking for: “Airplane storage and equipment storage.”
Price paid: “40×40 square frame, free span used steel building. 12 ft. high, open on one end. Bought from local building contractor with product on hand. Original customer backed out of product. No delivery charge across town to my site. $12,000 dollars on the ground.”

-Buyer from Salome, AZ

What they were looking for: “Need prices on used steel buildings, want one that will be a workshop for old cars.”
Price paid: “Purchased a used building 20×40, for $3,500.”

-Buyer from Scottsdale, AZ

What they were looking for: “Hay and machinery storage.”
Price paid: “Used metal building for $1000. Regular truss type all steel. Less than a year old.”

-Buyer from Morganville, KS

What they were looking for: “Gardening tool and misc other storage. Will add concrete floor myself. Ventilation would be nice. Gets really hot here. Need lowest price possible.”
Price paid: “$1,700 for 10×10 heavy steel building. Arches and trim kit. Only sides and roof. Does not include front & back of building, which I will build from wood. This was an item built for a customer who cancelled, so I got a discounted price. Includes great RF rating (won’t get as hot as regular steel buildings), coated steel much stronger than used on average buildings, plans for foundation, and great service including phone support for any problems in construction. Easy to assemble. Can be disassembled and moved if needed. Highly resistant to high winds. The best I could find for a hurricane prone area. Free shipping. Building can be paid for in installments, but not delivered until paid in full.”

-Buyer from Houston, TX

What others are looking for

I would prefer an outlet building or could even do used steel buildings. I’m looking for competitive bids on a simple barn preferably with a gambrel roof. The size must be at least 40′ x 90′ or larger. I need four doors total, two 10′ garage doors on one side and one on the other plus one entry door. I have a 40×90 foundation already so I’m ready now when the deal is right and it fits your schedule.

-Halifax, NC

Storing auto parts, my dad passed away and I need enough space to store all of the parts he collected. They are in a 1,500 square foot building now. But it can’t be moved. I prefer a used building.

-Springtown, TX