Find the Right Metal Building Roof

Metal building roof options have come a long way since the early days of simple tin rooftops for sheds and warehouses. Today, businesses and homeowners can outfit their buildings with advanced steel, copper, and aluminum options. These materials will last for decades, provide excellent defense against the elements, and even save you money on heating bills. Consider the latest metal roofing products for your next project. Here are a few tips on what materials may work best for you.

Steel Roofing

Steel barn roofSteel is one of the most common metal roofing options, and it’s attractive because of its low price tag and the many varieties available. Steel rooftops tend to use panels that are bracketed together to form long rows that cover the roof. These panels are extra-durable compared to traditional slats or tiles, and can withstand problems like high winds without showing much damage.

Steel roofing is ideal if you want a metal roof but have a limited budget. You also have a good chance of finding steel roof options even if your roof has a few odd qualities or you want to match a particular color — many different-colored panels are available. However, steel is not the perfect solution: It can rust when exposed to frequent moisture, and protective coatings are required to help it resist corrosion.

Copper Roofing

Copper roofing is most suitable for high-class residential purposes or businesses in a great location that really want to show off for customers and clients. Copper tiles and copper paneling are long-lasting and do not have the same corrosion problems that steel shows. Plus, they look great and are suitable for a variety of classy aesthetic effects.

Copper roofing does come with a few downsides. First, it may not be as widely available as steel. Second, copper may be more easily scratched and dented than steel or aluminum. Third, and perhaps most noteworthy, copper is one of the most expensive roofing options around. It will cost you significantly more than steel or aluminum.

Aluminum Roofing

If your metal building roof needs to save you energy and last through the roughest storms, pick aluminum. Out of the big three, this metal reflects light most readily, which can help save on heating bills in hotter climates. While it may not be quite as strong as steel, aluminum is much lighter and is very durable in many different types of weather.

Aluminum may rust a little over time, and protective coatings are common among aluminum roofing products. The extra benefits of the alloy make it more expensive than steel but not as pricey as copper. This option is a great middle ground for companies in hotter regions.

As a general rule, try to match your roofing materials with the other materials in your building. A steel structure, for example, may benefit more from a complementary steel rooftop, especially as the building starts to age.