How much does metal building insulation installation cost?

Today, the prefabricated steel building industry is booming. The reason? Steel buildings can be used in a number of environments, ranging from aircraft hangers to churches to storage facilities. While metal structures were once used primarily in commercial and agricultural settings, steel buildings are becoming more mainstream as countless upgrades and advanced design features are now available.

Most business owners hoping to cut costs choose a steel structure as an alternative. Metal buildings are particularly desirable for use in commercial, industrial, and warehouse structures less than 50,000 ft².

And did we mention their convenience? More businesses, organizations, and agricultural enterprises are turning to steel structures that can be erected in approximately two thirds of the time required for traditional construction.

The importance of metal building insulation

stacked insulation

Whether a metal structure will be used in an office or agricultural setting, the majority of metal buildings require insulation to protect the people and belongings they house. Consider the fact that the rays of the sun can create an abnormally hot environment in a metal structure, especially in the summer months. On top of that, cold temperatures in the winter will feel even more frigid when exacerbated by metal sheeting materials used in the roof and walls.

For this reason, insulation experts recommend three different barriers to preserve a metal structure:

  • Vapor barrier
  • Radiant barrier
  • Reflective insulation

In combination, these three insulation components will maintain a stable temperature in each season and prevent condensation from forming on metal roofs and walls during hot summer months.

In most cases, the majority of items stored in a metal building need to be protected by insulation. For example, valuable electronic equipment in an office can easily become damaged due to excess heat and moisture in an uninsulated building. Likewise, agricultural feed will quickly become corrupted in an environment with excessive dampness and extreme temperatures.

However, we can’t overlook the obvious when it comes to proper insulation. An office, church, or commercial structure will have a difficult, if not impossible, time operating efficiently for routine heating and cooling without precautionary insulation. Most businesses will agree that this is the smartest way to save money on monthly utility costs that can add up at the end of the year.

How to calculate the cost of steel building insulation
If you take a moment to browse the Internet, you’ll quickly see that most steel building insulation prices are available through quotes from manufacturers and contractors. Though it’s difficult to provide an exact estimate for steel building insulation as each structure is unique, most insulation installation is priced by the square foot.

Additionally, insulation costs may include shipping fees and expenses for contractor labor. While prices will vary based on several critical factors, insulation material costs can range from $.28 per square foot for single bubble foil to $.32 per square foot for double bubble foil insulation. This cost does not include contractor labor expenses.

As a final tip, buying in bulk is guaranteed to provide you with the best deal on steel building insulation. When purchasing online or through a building supply store, discounts are often available for buying 10 rolls or more of insulation.