What are some metal building costs per square foot?

The building costs per square foot were given by our past buyers, who used this site to compare steel building prices:

What they were looking for: “Looking for a 40×60 workshop, straight wall style, 3 inch roofing insulation and 6 inch wall insulation.”
Price paid: “Since we live in a Morton building converted to a house we wanted a barn that would match our house. Final building cost was $24 per square foot for fully insulated walls to R19, ceiling to R50, on 5″ rebar concrete slab, roll up garage door, two walk-in doors and the high performance windows. 12 ft high. All walls and ceiling are fully lined with steel.”

-Buyer from New Virginia, IA

What they were looking for: “Metal building to use as a home, with front porch cover and separate metal carport.”
Price paid: “I was looking for metal building costs per square foot that didn’t exceed $4. I purchased a 40x60x14 metal building for $9,483 with 2 doors and 12 ft. front porch cover which made the length 72 ft. in length. The porch also wraps around both 12 ft. sides which makes part of it 52 ft. wide. All construction will be done by myself and two friends, which saves about 8-10 thousand dollars, as well as the foundation which the quoted price was $3.85 per sq. foot. By doing it myself I was able to do it for $3,300, a savings of $6300. All plumbing and electrical will be done by myself and friends as well as the h/ac for under $2,400. Fireplace cost for rock and pipe: $400. I will add 12 windows. Total cost is under $25,000. House will appraise for $130,000. “

-Buyer from Itasca, TX

What they were looking for: “This is for an auto and RV repair shop. One of the drive through doors needs to be large enough for a Class A motor home to come through. We will need 1,000 sq. feet for front office and 2 bathrooms.”
Price paid: “$52 per sq ft. We bought a 6,000 square foot building that was previously purchased for another project but will do what we need. Builder is local so is available to work through all of the government procedures for us. We didn’t just buy a building; we also got a contractor that will see the project through to the end.”

-Buyer from Kingman, AZ

What they were looking for: “Need metal building costs per square foot for 30×50 metal workshop for wood working, auto, mechanical, storage, RV parking, recreation, machinist.”
Price paid: “$25,000 for 3,000 sq ft from CBC.”

-Buyer from Ramona, CA

What they were looking for: “Classic car storage building, 14 feet tall for lift.”
Price paid: “The metal building costs per square foot were $14 per sq ft with complete construction – Survey, permits, concrete slab, piers, footings, steel beams wrapped in metal, 14′ side walls, insulation, labor and materials.”

-Buyer from Forney, TX