What are some construction costs per square foot?

The following are some actual construction costs per square foot that people paid during their metal building projects:

What they were looking for: “I am unsure of the size of metal building I need. I would like it to be tall enough to store a motorhome and wide enough to fit a 2 car garage door in addition to the RV garage door.construction site We would love to have optional exterior features if possible, depending on the construction costs per sq ft.”
Price paid: “Under $30,000 for complete installation of a 1,581 sq ft garage, two of the companies had quotes for the building in the $20,000’s and this did not include any installation.”

-Buyer from Oak Hills, CA

What they were looking for: “Classic car storage building, 14 feet tall for lift.”
Price paid: “It cost me $14 per sq ft with complete construction – Survey, permits, concrete slab, piers, footings, steel beams wrapped in metal, 14′ side walls, insulation, labor and materials.”

-Buyer from Forney, TX

What they were looking for: “Metal building to use as a home, possible front porch cover and separate metal carport.”
Price paid: “I purchased a 40x60x14 metal building for $9,483. All construction will be done by myself and 2 friends, which saves about 8-10 thousand dollars, as well as the foundation construction which cost $3.85 per sq. foot. By doing it myself I was able to save $6,300. All plumbing and electrical will be done by myself and friends as well as the h/ac for under $2,400. Entire cost of building and finished inside with all amenities come to $19,771. House will appraise for $130,000. ”

-Buyer from Itasca, TX