How much do aluminum buildings and Galvalume roofs cost?

Aluminum buildings are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners desiring cost-effective storage buildings for their homes. Though steel buildings are stronger, an aluminum building can be a temporary solution for storage space. Aluminum is one of the lightest building materials, so erecting a prefabricated aluminum building can be quick and easy. An aluminum carport can be a good option for someone who plans on moving, as they are less expensive than erecting an entire metal garage, and can be removed easily when the next residents move in. Aluminum sheds are the least expensive sheds to buy. An aluminum barn may be a great option for hay storage, but for animal housing or horse stables you may want to consider a longer-lasting steel storage building or a steel barn.

What is Galvalume – and why do people like it?

Galvalume is sheet steel that has been coated with 55% aluminum, and 45% zinc alloy. The aluminum and zinc prevent corrosion from sun, rain, and harsh weather. Because of its durability, Galvalume is mostly used as a roofing material on metal buildings.

So why use Galvalume on a roof or wall panels, instead of buying an entire aluminum building? Galvalume is a hot topic in the building industry because it offers the best of both worlds. Its steel foundation offers the strength of steel, while its aluminum/zinc coating shields it from corrosion. Corrosion is a common enemy of roofs because they’re in full contact with sunlight and other weather elements at all times of the day.

Prices people paid for aluminum buildings

Our past buyers gave us feedback about the aluminum buildings and Galvalume roofs that they purchased after using our site. Here’s what they said.

What they were looking for: “A place to store tractor, tools, etc. Need two barn-style doors that close in the middle or sliding doors that open from middle or close to middle.”
Price paid: “56 x 36 w/12′ framed opening for door. 3 windows 26ga. Galvalume deluxe trim pkg. 14′ front, 11′ rear: $16,123 total including tax, handling, freight & holding till later ship date. US Buildings. 25% down payment balance due when delivered. Choice of colors to be made later at my request.”

-Buyer from Patterson, LA

What they were looking for: “30×50 building that will be storage and work shop. In the straight wall style with insulation.”
Price paid: “It is an A frame hanger style 25X50 Galvalume, it came with all hardware and bracing. $10,540.”

-Buyer from Athens, AL

What others are looking for

Scrap aluminum bulk storage, 45′ center height to dump trailer indoors, 4 yard pay loader on floor. Need strong floor and walls 10′ high. Concrete flooring.

-Oswego, NY

This will be for farm equipment, tractors, trucks, etc. Currently a 90′ wood frame building with open ends and no doors. Aluminum siding roof. Have several more to replace 60′ and 50′.

-Auburn, CA

This building shall be used as the structure only. All exterior walls to be block with brick and EIFS. Roof to be Galvalume standing seam 24GA. Need additional 2psf collateral load for supporting acoustical ceiling, lighting and mechanical ductwork.

-Clinton, TN

Galvalume roof, painted sides, 6ea 40×40. Slide windows, concrete slab. To be bid separately: 30×16 Galvalume shed roof on gable end. Road base floor.

-Georgetown, TX

This will be a lake house. I would like glass storefront window along one side. Also, there is an existing garage we are trying to match (Galvalume R panels).

-Mabank, TX

Building sets on piers. Clear span. Building has 16′ side shed along 1 side. Do not enclose this sidewall. All others enclosed. Need 18′ clearance for tractor under the eve of this side shed. Building sets on piers 2′ above ground. Your building can be 16′ walls and allow clearance. Set bottom wall girt 1′ above plate on wall leg. Let all wall sheets extend 2 feet below the girt. we will trim around piers. Call me if you have questions. Colored walls and Galvalume roof.

-Ozark, AR

To work cutting horses. Do not need any metal panels below roof line. Roof only. Want 26 ga. Galvalume roof metal.

-Millsap, TX

A steel tube type, aluminum covered, shelter for storing utility trailer and ATVs.

-Colorado Springs, CO