What are some actual metal pole barn prices?

pole barnWhat they were looking for: "Located near a lake. We want to store the boat and equipment in it. We would want a lean-to, large enough to park a 5th wheeler under it, probably on the 40' side."
Price paid: "$16,000 for a pole barn 30/40/15 with two overhead doors and one walk through, erected."

-Buyer from Bozeman, Montana

What they were looking for: "Storing three muscle cars."
Price paid: "I purchased a pole barn type garage for a complete price (less wiring) for $13,200."

-Buyer from Farwell, Michigan

What they were looking for: "Combination garage/workshop. One 16x8 foot vehicle access door in front end. One walk-in door on side."
Price paid: "Purchased a steel pole barn at approximately $10,000. The metal pole barn prices were much less than the quotes I received for a wooden pole barn."

-Buyer from Yellville, Arkansas

What they were looking for: "Stone floor and approx 60' stone drive up to the end. One overhead door in the end and the other out the side. It will store a car in the winter along with lawn equipment during various seasons. If I had time I would have built this myself but they did not have a local contractor to recommend."
Price paid: "My final choice was $14,700, fully installed pole construction."

-Buyer from Clarence, New York

What they were looking for: "Just storage for a boat, plow truck, four wheeler, snowmobiles, etc. I just want a pole building with a gravel floor. I will scrape off the top soil. Just need the building put up, I will do the rest."
Price paid: "Very nice product but the price was the deciding factor. The pole building I bought was the same warranty and $4,000 less and included being put up."

-Buyer from Wausau, Wisconsin

What they were looking for: "Straight wall style workshop, not sure about insulation for walls. I have not financed yet."
Price paid: "Got a great deal on metal pole barn prices from a local supplier. 24x36 pole building, attached to existing pole building, 4"concrete, one man door, two 10x10 roll-up doors, 18" roof overhang, $11,500."

-Buyer from Newberg, Oregon

What they were looking for: "Straight wall style garage with roll up doors, sizes one 9'x16' and one 9'x9'."
Price paid: "28'x40' pole building, 16'x8' garage door and 36" walk-in door, with concrete floor. $15,000."

-Buyer from Monmouth, Illinois

What they were looking for: "I will have to have the building windstorm stamped in order to get a permit in this area. The building is for equipment storage."
Price paid: "I was in the market for a less expensive building for storage. I went with metal pole barn prices from Sutherland Lumber for $8,200."

-Buyer from Galveston, Texas

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